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Ursinus Faculty-led Programs


UC semester abroad programs are directed by Ursinus College faculty and feature language study, home stays, field trips and excursions, and internships, community practicum placements, independent research or field work at no extra charge. These programs cover all of students’ basic needs, from academics to room and board to local public transportation. Students who participate in these programs remain officially enrolled at the college. With the exception of courses taught by local instructors in Florence, all courses taken in these programs are granted Ursinus College credit and grades earned factor into students’ Ursinus grade point average. Ursinus College Semester Abroad programs are preferred over non-Ursinus semester programs in similar destinations with similar course offerings.
1) UC in Beijing, China
2) UC in Madrid, Spain
3) UC in Tübingen, Germany
Special interest: Chinese language, East Asian Studies, Politics and International Relations, and Business and Economics.
Adviser: Dr. Melissa Hardin.
This fall semester program provides students the opportunity to live and study on a Chinese university campus. Housed within the College of International Education at Capital Normal University, the CAPA Beijing Study Center offers intensive Chinese language taught by local instructors and internships in businesses and organizations where English and Chinese are spoken. An Ursinus faculty member teaches courses in his or her field. Students live in an international student residence hall.
Program Schedule:
UC in Madrid, Spain
Special interest: Spanish language and culture, education, internships
Adviser: Dr. Melissa Hardin (Study Abroad)
This full immersion intensive language program, hosted by CAPA International Education at the International House (IH) in Madrid, targets students of various levels who have completed a minimum of two semesters of college Spanish at the intermediate level or higher. Recognized by the prestigious Instituto Cervantes, IH follows the Council of Europe Common European Framework Reference in its language placement system and curriculum. The Ursinus faculty director teaches courses on Spanish art, cinema, literature, politics, or society. Students also formally apply to participate in a Community Practicum that places them in local firms, non-governmental organizations, or schools. Museum visits and excursions are included in the program. All students live with local families. 16 credit hours.
Program Schedule:

Ursinus in Tübingen, Germany
Special interest: German language and culture, education, internship option
Adviser: Dr. Robin Clouser (Modern Languages).
The semester program is located in the beautiful medieval university town of Tübingen in southwestern Germany. The host institution, Sprachinstitut, follows the Council of Europe Common European Framework Reference in its language placement system and curriculum. No previous knowledge of German is required but all students register for an intensive German language course. Students of all majors have the opportunity to study European history, politics, and German and comparative literature. Courses are taught in English and in German. Independent research projects and internships, including science internships in university and private laboratories and teaching internships in German public schools, are available to qualifying students. The program includes visits to regional museums and historic sites. Students live with families. 16 credit hours.
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Ursinus College offers several departmental programs during the winter interim or summer. All programs are conducted by Ursinus College faculty. Except for Winter Study in Senegal, all programs fulfill the Independent Learning Experience (ILE) requirement.

3. Winter study in Senegal

Biology of the Neotropics, Costa Rica
Special interest: Biology, Tropical biology, field work
Advisers: Drs. Ellen and Robert Dawley (Biology)
The program is a field study of the rain forests of Costa Rica. Qualified students meet for 15 hours on campus in the fall semester and spend three weeks in the field over the winter break. Side trips include visits to cloud forests or coral reefs. The program is offered every other year. 4 credit hours in ENV/BIO-320.
Scheduled programs:

Special Interest: Biology
Advisor: Dr. Ellen and Robert Dawley
This program has two parts: the "at home" component and the study abroad experience. Students will take at Ursinus BIO-350 during the spring semester of 2013. This will be a standard four-credit course and will fulfill the Capstone/W requirement and the Org/Pop requirement for the biology major. Once the students successfully complete BIO-350, the students then spend 12 days in the Galápagos Islands enrolled in BIO-392, earning two additional credits.
Schedule Programs:
Summer Study in Japan
Special interest: Japanese language and culture
Adviser: Dr. Matthew Mizenko (Modern Languages)
This study travel program runs from late May to late June, and is offered in collaboration with Ursinus sister school Tohoku Gakuin University in Sendai, Japan. Students live with families while studying at the university and have an opportunity to visit Hiroshima and Tokyo. 4 credit hours in EAS-301.
Scheduled Programs:

Winter study in Senegal
Special interest: French language, Senegalese culture
Adviser: Dr. Frances Novack (Modern Languages)
The program is a two-week French language course, including classroom study, home stay with a Senegalese family, excursions and weekend travel. Offered during winter break. 2 credit hours in FREN-209.
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